my mother and father

a get together for my Dad's 80th birthday!
L-R: my sister Julie, great niece Ella, nephew Leigh, me,
my Dad, his partner Pam and Leigh's wife Sarah
May 7th 2004

my brothers and sisters in 1967
L-R: Julie, Glenys, Me, John, Brian

my brothers and sisters in 1992
L-R: Glenys, Brian, Me, John, Julie

Gareth & Laura in Paris, February 2007

my parents and I on holiday

my Dad, his partner Pam and my niece Bethan, August 2007

the latest member of the family,
 my great nephew Louie, born October 21st 2005

my nephew Leigh, his wife Sarah and their children Ella and Louie, April 2007

my father and my sister Julie, summer 2003

my niece Jo and her son Daniel, April 2007

my niece Rhiannon, my sister in law Sue and me, September 2007

my sister Julie and I
(she still wears that poncho!)

my sister Glenys with her grandchildren,
Ella & Daniel

my great nephew Daniel
born on 16th November 2003

my sisters, Julie & Glenys and I

my father and I

my sister Glenys and her husband Keith

my great niece Ella on her birthday, 2002

my brother Brian and his family
L to R: Nora, Hannah, Dylan, Glyn, Brian

my sister Glenys at Lands End in Cornwall

my great nephew Daniel

my father and his partner Pam, summer 2003

my sister Glenys and her husband Keith, April 2007

my sister Julie in London, July 2002
(poncho just out of shot!)

my niece Jo and I, October 1998

me, my sisters Glenys & Julie and my brother John
December 2002

my great niece Ella, December 2002